dealshandheld electric blower for $49.99


Be leery of a company that will not release model numbers to you unless you already bought the item. I would make sure you can see a copy of the manual before you buy. In order to do this you need the model number off the machine, which Sears/Craftsman will not give you unless you own the product already. This problem can be verified with livechat by going to and scrolling to the bottom and clicking live chat. I would rather go to a company like Toro whom I know honors a full 2 year warranty usually with a replacement machine if anything happens. Not to mention, their manuals and full-text warranty are available without any fuss on their website and they don't hide the model number you would need to get parts. Sears Item#07174898000 & Model#24041 are not the numbers you would need to get parts or a manual. I challenge you to find the manual for this item prior to purchasing it. Craftsman model numbers usually begin with "917."


If you have local Aldi stores you'll see their name bran come on sale for the same price in about a month, they blow AND vaccuum and they are very powerful.


Also note, these cheap "Craftsman" products just have the Craftsman name slapped onto a 3rd party product, almost always made in China. I ran into this last year when shopping for an electric weedwacker.
You'll probably find the exact same product at the same price (or better) at Home Depot, etc. The only things that are different are the color of the plastic molding and the brand name on the box.
To be fair though, I ended up buying the cheap weedwacker (I think the model I got was at $35), and I haven't been disappointed so far, even though I used it to mow a whole 1/4 acre yard a couple times.


@nflemming2004: Had to upvote you just for the fact of you using a weedwacker to "mow" a quarter acre lol.


Looks like the price is up to $69 now?


Blower is $69.99, live chat didn't help!



I worked at Sears for a few years in Lawn and Garden, so I'm VERY familiar with these products.
Toro does manufacture these, but there are differences other then just the color. First is a different plastic from the Toro brand. They seem to be a harder, more shock resistant plastic. The main difference in operation is the variable speed switch. The Toro has a cheap rotary knob, we received a large number of them back broken after a short period of time. It just felt poorly made. The Craftsman ones have a thumb knob built into the handle that is stronger.

Both have a two year warranty, so that's a moot point.

Your right about those numbers, neither will get you parts for that trimmer (although the first one will, with some digging). The first is indeed the Sears model number for this trimmer, 071 being the department (Lawn and Garden) and the 74898(000) being the actual item. The second number is a tractor brush guard, no idea why that's on there...