dealsstanley tool box for $9.49


I have one of these very same toolboxes. I use it for my computer repair kit--some small tools, and lots of small parts. The top compartments are great for keeping tiny pieces in. Each of the two yellow flaps has two compartments underneath, so you can divide whatever you store there. I worried that they would come unlatched when the lid was up and spill everything out, but that hasn't happened to me in two years of use.

The walls of the actual tool box are not the thickest or sturdiest plastic. With mostly wires and small computer components (nothing heavy like hard drives; I store those elsewhere), it tends to bulge so that I have to press the front in a bit in order to close and latch the lid. I don't mind it, since I only paid about $10 for it myself (and actually got a matching smaller toolbox with it for that), but I could see it being an issue for someone who is trying to use it for real, heavy tools.