dealsasus google nexus 7 32gb for $199.99


Oops...I left out refurbished from the description...sorry.


I bought a refurbished 16GB version for $180, seems like a bad deal until you realize that Google will charge you like $40 on taxes and shipping driving the price to $240 for a new one.
This is a really good price for the 32GB refurb if you don't mind the MIR hassle.


The Google Nexus' front glass is made from hummingbird's breath. You look at it wrong and it shatters. Plus, a replacement glass (and digitizer, they're only sold as one unit) will cost you $170 or so.


And the fact there's a $30 rebate....


I've got a Nexus 7, the 32gb, and the glass is not made of "hummingbird's breath".

It's gotten hard use since the day I bought it and it feels and works great.

People really hate that it's half as expensive as an iPad, don't they?


I'm dubious on the dealness factor. It's a refurb and the starting price is only $20 cheaper? Sure you get a rebate, but let's be honest, how many of us are ACTUALLY going to get that? Plus it takes a good two months to receive the rebate.

Besides, in 2 months the price on these is going to drop through the floor.


Tiger has always loved their rebates, and they are counting on folks not filling them out or forgetting to. Every time I remembered, I did get the rebate via prepaid card.

but yes, it did take some time.....


Best 7" tablet on the market and I also use it more than my iPad...


I got the 16GB version when it came out.. my twin 7yr olds love it... abuse it.. etc.

I never had a case on it.... no scratches on glass, a few scuff marks on back.
It's been thrown, slammed onto a hard table, dropped on concrete more than once...

But.... my twerp of a son put the Nexus on the roof the car.... as I turned out the driveway it slid off and hit the ground. The body of the nexus partially seperated from the glass/LCD. I squeezed it back together but the glue/fastners would not keep it together.

Nexus worked fine, but the Wi-Fi would often cut out so I assume the antenna got tweaked. Speedtest went from 30+ Mbps down, to 0,5-1.5Mbps down...

I RMA'd the tablet with Nexus, I'm actually picking it up today at FedEx. They RMA email noticed indicted my tablet has been replaced with a 32GB model. Fingers crossed for NEW unit, but will be happy with Refurb.

I also have a silicone case waiting for it..... :)

Kudos to ASUS for making a solid product. :)


I've got the 32gb. Keep in mind there are various sites that (as of right now) don't charge you taxes (depending on your location), and offer free shipping over $99.

I personally got my 32gb Nexus 7 for EXACTLY $248, because of this. This is still a decent deal, but only with the rebate.

I just wanted to add that considering the money you save from shipping and taxes (tigerdirect charges me taxes...) compared to the play store doesn't really stack up against stores like Macmall etc where you pay neither (again depending on your location).


I love my Nexus 7. It can get bogged down if you fill up the storage but otherwise it's pretty quick. The screen is nice too. I like how easy it is to hold and how thin and light it is.


Do you know of any sites who sell at googles prices without the shipping and taxes?

Seems to me they either charge that, or it's a higher price to begin with, with 'free' shipping.

I'm in the market for the nexus 10. Just can't quite justify that 60 dollar tax and shipping from Google (I live in WA).
There was one seller on amazon shopping who had them for 400 (the 32 gig models) but his email responses made it sound iffy. :(


Just saw on the GooglePlay store that you can get a new one for $199


@valmat14: Not the 32GB one, friend.
$249.00 new.

That said, I would probably get the new 16GB, for $199 before a refurb 32GB with rebates.


so can I make this into an Ubuntu tablet? and how soon? I have my Andriod tablet. Experimenting with Ubuntu Touch will be hard to resist...


@breaddrink: Yes, the place I got mine at. Macmall


Scratch that, apparently they don't carry nexus 10's only 7's. Didn't read your response well enough.

Honestly every where I look I see the the 32GB Nexus10 at 500 without shipping or taxes, so if you found someone selling them for 400 shipped, I'd jump on that.


@bsmith1: That would make sense if these things had SD card slots. Dealing with a rebate to end up Paying the same price for double the memory is more than justified due to that fact. Memory fills up quick in these with the high end games it can handle as well as movies music and pics.

Tigerdirect is a pretty reputable store, I wouldn't think twice before getting a refurb from them, I've personally gotten some deals on refurb computer hardware from them and as of today it's still running perfectly.


I've owned a nexus 7 for a little while now. Although I got mine from walmart, not here, I just wanted to say it's an absolutely amazing device and I can't recommend it enough.


AMAZING tablet! If you don't mind the hassle of rebates, this is a great deal. The Nexus line is the most hackable of all Androids. I've put Ubuntu Touch on mine, but it's not ready yet. I quickly went back to Android. If you want a great experience on your Nexus 7, try Paranoid Android Rom. Of course you ahve to be rooted, but with a Nexus, rooting is as simple as can be. Some great devs have made easy one click root solutions. You simply download their software to your PC, plug in your Nexus and choose what you want done to your nexus via a simple to use interface for the command line. I'll provide a couple links. One to the one click root software and another to Paranoid Android Rom so you can read all about it.


The new Nexus 7 line comes out in May at the current line price point. You'll see bigger discounts to liquidate current stock coming soon.


@txdave13: I don't know why you got modded down so hard, but that sucks that your screen broke. I too have a Nexus 7 and despite a couple of unfortunate drops that should have shattered the screen, it is still intact and in one piece.

Let me add that the screen is advertised as having "Corning Fit Glass". After some research, this apparently is not "Corning Gorilla Glass", but rather a piece of "glass" that was "fit" into place by "Corning". In other words, the "Fit" doesn't seem to be the name of a product, rather a description of Corning's role. Whatever kind of glass it is though, I'm happy with it.


@housry23: Why put a new ROM on it? What's the benefit? I'm not naive to hacking or installing firmware, but the Nexus 7 as it ships is fast, has a decent web browser, decent video support, and a decent e-reader. What does Paranoid add?


@breaddrink: check reviews. the Transformer Infinity is better in EVERY way apart from the DPI of the display. I recommend that. the N10 is still very nice indeed though. Personally Im waiting for the 11.6 in tablet from toshiba or whoever it is that coming out with it


@quantamm: why settle with "decent" and why settle with "fast" when you can have "excellent" and "faster?"


@nevpaurion7: The Nexus 7 supports USB OTG, so with an adapter, you can hook up a flash drive. You need to root (piece of cake) or use a $3 app off Google Play Store.

I prefer flash drives to transfer files and watch movies from. This is the latest adapter I've been using, right-angled so the flash drive points up toward the side.


@breaddrink: MacMall is in California, so no tax for us Washingtonians. Free shipping as well. That's why I bought my iPod Touch from there, and now am thinking about getting the Nexus 7.


@quantamm: Here's some info on Paranoid Android. I've yet to try it myself, since for my purposes, stock JellyBean is awesome.


@amoraluv: Losing 9 months of warranty to save $5 off the standard price? No thanks.


@amoraluv: 16GB on that one, this is 32GB...not better. In fact not really much of a deal since it is also only a 90-day warranty and it is for replacement only. No refunds. New for $199 with a whole year.


well good luck with ur mir


@amoraluv: The one in your link is 199 retail (it is 16GB).


I will admit this deal is better only because of the warranty.


actually u can go head and use the code on a new 32gb and get it for $225


@eidelbus: That's nice, but it entails having a cable and thumb drive sticking out of your device at all times. OR at least while you want to watch or listen to whatever media is on it.

I was fully aware of the OTG cable ability, I just didn't think it was something worth mentioning because I don't really think it's a viable comparison to an internal SD card that doesn't stick out, and doesn't require root or a cable.

Basically I would rather get a refurb than deal with the nuissance of a cable and drive dangling off my device every time I wanted to view/listen to certain things. Not to mention that's two more things to carry around and possibly lose. My 2cents anyways.

You DID however give me a great idea. The adapter you linked would go PERFECT with using a wired XBOX360 controller to play games such as deadtrigger/shadowgun/emulated games.

Oh and just so everyone knows, the Nexus 7 supports various wired controllers for games via that adapter right out the box, no root required.


I actually have. I can see them being pretty close in most reviews.
A kind of apples and oranges type of situation.
I'm not seeing the transformer beating it in any fields?

The reviews I found show the nexus faster in almost everything, but the transformer being recommended more as a crossover notebook type device.

The only thing I can think of I like more about it is the SD memory possibilities.


@nevpaurion7: I'd have loved a microSD slot, myself, but as my dad told me, you can't have everything. :)

If the 2nd gen has a slot, I'd upgrade in a heartbeat. Rumor is of a thinner device, which doesn't obviate a slot, but Google really seems to love pushing people to the cloud.


@quantamm: I agree that the Nexus 7 as is is a great tablet. But, Paranoid Android gives you the ability to change the Nexus 7 into a true tablet interface. It has tweaks to speed up the system. It has settings and options not found in stock Android. It's an amazing blend of stock Android with more customization, faster animation and more choices on how your Nexus 7 looks. I suggest you read the information in the link I provided. They have explained it in more detail than I can. I wouldn't run PA on my phone, but on a Nexus 7 it makes a lot of sense.


this is by far the best tablet for the $ on the market.

it would be perfect if it had SD.

do yourself a favor and learn android


@zerosystem: The expandable memory would make it CLOSE to perfect. Add HDMI Out also, and VOILA!