dealscoleman queen sized air bed: camping for $23.54


Always good to have a spare bed around during the holidays or when the wife gets ticked at you.


I literately just bought this from will be here today or tomorrow....and yes it was a few bucks more than this.....good deal.


Does anyone else think this looks like a giant waffle?

Man... I've got to start eating breakfast before I look at deals.woot


@mtm2: just because she gets ticked at me doesn't mean she gets a comfy air mattress to sleep on -- she can just have the couch like normal :)

@eneref: got syrup?


It's good to keep one in your car, when you're spending the night at a friends house, or have an extra hotel guest.


I'm waiting for the Vertically Challenged model... maybe autographed ;^)


I'm actually sitting on this as I type. I'm currently moving between apartments and my regular bed went with the other larger pieces of furniture to the new place. I can't follow yet because of work. I had this around for guests and travel so I got it out, and it's held up well so far.

As for the pump (not in this deal), it is on the noisy side, but it only seems to take a minute or two before the air mattress is full/unfull so you're not subjected to it for very long.