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Why am I not as impressed by this deal as I wish I was? It's great coffee.


Maybe because it is unimpressive overpriced coffee to begin with?


@mosborne13: Have you had it? Because I can vouch for how good it actually is. I bought enough to last the two weeks my parents were visiting over the Xmas holidays and they killed my supply in four days. Yeah, it's that good.


This really is fantastic stuff. Even their most expensive coffee will work out to be about half the price per cup of Starbucks coffee and will taste a heck of a lot better.


May I ask people who have used this coffee which flavor would you recommend for a first time user? I like my coffee kind of strong and I hate coffee that has other ings, so plain coffee for me.


@trouble4u2: I think your best bet is to go through and read the cupping notes and see which ones appeal to you. They don't really make plain old coffee and you may or may not enjoy some of the secondary flavors.


I can't seem to find the Hula Pie flavor available to order. A pity.


@stile99: Wouldn't shipment of Hula Pie across state lines constitute a violation of the Mann Act?


They have a 9-pack sampler of 2oz bags if you want to try a selection. The total (with discount and free shipping) is 29.04 for 18ox of coffee. Not cheap, but if you want to try a whole bunch of tastes without buying a bunch of full size bags, that's the way to go. What's nice is that you can get the sample bags in whole bean or ground to your preference - espresso, drip, regular or coarse (Press grind).

It's interesting to note that there don't seem to be any Kauai beans on their site.