dealstoys r us lego sets save $15 on purchase of $50…


To develop the imagination you want a large number of basic bricks and minimal percentage of custom single-purpose pieces (which unfortunately dominate the themed sets nowadays). A fair price is average 10 cents a piece, i.e. a $50 set better have 500 pieces or more to be a good deal. Happy shopping!


@plamentor: good advice! also, let me add that with the regular prices from Toys R'US this coupon will only bring you a few dollars under the regular LEGO MSRP. It is too bad that Toys R'US doesn't give price matching becase just across the street you can ALL except the TR'US exclusive sets at your local Wal*Mart or Target for the same price or less than LEGO, which means 15 to 25% less than TR'US prices. Do you homework and check your local stores prices even with this coupon. Good luck! :)