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Now you can try what I did which was to get your local Bestbuy Mobile to pricematch the $99.99 price on this in store. I printed out the webpage from amazonwireless showing the $99 price and got some very dirty looks from the store manager who had to do the price over-ride but they did it.

I had spent less a day with the horrible Verizon Galaxy Nexus phone and was fed up and need something with better battery life. The galaxy nexus actually dropp from 100% battery to 30% in less than 3 hours. Maybe I had a bad phone, but after talking with Verizon Tech support the rep telling me to ditch the nexus for the Razr Maxx I was all over it. Weird thing was I had the Sprint Galaxy Nexus and never had that bad of battery issues just horrible local cell coverage from sprint so I kicked them to the curb. Good luck to anyone trying to price match. The verizon direct pricing on this phone is $249 for new customers or upgrade customers too.


@jocallag339: I had the opp problem had a bad nexus got a razor sent it back and manged to get a replacement nexus . Look the nexus is a good phone the problem is a lot of them are defective I got lucky with one a lot of people did not . I got a massive battery for it ( larger in power then the razor maxx) and now it last as long as the razor the only problem is the lack of a sd card slot . But to be able to pull the battery is great . Also no bloatware is great as it easy to use . I also though that the razor was a pain to hold . But to each his own . I away fig the battery is the first to go and since I paid full price for it I wanted it to last a long long time .

Also very few stores with price match amazon FRY does I think and a few other.


For any new phone, I just go with Amazon and it shows up in a day or two. They always undercut everyone else's price, and shipping is stupid fast.
Obviously, you can't always wait...


@spike443: Well I was kind of stuck got the first two Free Verizon Galaxy Nexus phones on Friday and returned them to BestBuy on Saturday. When I called Amazon and Verizon about returning the first phones it would then only qualify me for the upgrade pricing on Amazonwireless ($199.99) unless I completely canceled verizon lost my ported cell phone numbers and waited a week to order from Amazon while starting a new account and get random new numbers. That was not an option, plus my wife wanted a White Iphone 4 which was only available in store. So it was not just an instant gratification thing. But I wanted to let others know they might have that option if they could get a pricematch. I guess I was very very lucky that I did and that I got an open box Iphone 4 for my wife too. I am very happy with the Droid Razr Maxx now that I got the ICS 4.0.4 installed on it OTA. Wife is still getting used to her Iphone 4 8gb.


The first Razr Maxx I got from bb was defective and would not connect at 4g LTE anywhere in town. Verizon tried to pass that off as normal, but I took it back to bb mobile. After 2 hours working with a very patient gentleman I had a new Razr Maxx and New Sim Card too. Plus now I had 4G LTE all the time too. Well worth the 2 hours and the 5 more I spend resetting up my Droid. 18-20mbs speedtest on 4G LTE!! I would still highly recommend the verizon Droid Razr Maxx over a GSIII due too the long battery life and the smart trigger system on the Maxx. This system lets you setup an endless amount of combinations of events/times/triggers that will have your phone do things, Example 1: when I get home based on my location it will turn on ringer, turn on bluetooth and wifi. Example 2: when I am at work it will set the ringer to silent/vibrate and turn off wifi/bluetooth. Example 3: 3 missed calls from my wife it will activate an mp3 playlist alerting me. Pretty slick stuff.