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it appears you have to be famous to afford the prices :)


Unless you have a store locally I can't recommend these guys. I got a pair of shoes that despite being marked 11 were, at best, a 9. They wanted me to pay for the return. Luckily I found a local store and even the manager said there was no way those were a size 11. Had another pair with a defect and the same thing happened.

Stick with places that will handle the return properly.


We have a Famous Footwear locally and I have purchased from them in-store and online without any problems. Their staff is friendly and returns are never a problem. They have a large selection and their prices are competitive with online retailers like Zappos and 6pm.

Everything in the store is better quality and cheaper than the ripoff joints like LeftLane Sports who use an affiliate program where people steer you to the store to make a commission. The affiliates show up in online forums touting the products so they can make $10. lol, I'll stick with Famous.