deals20% off at rei and rei-outlet (for members)


Offer not valid on special orders, package discounts, prior purchases, REI gift cards, REI e-gift cards, gift boxes, memberships, shop services or rentals, passes and tickets.
Offer valid on Novara bicycles only; all other bicycle brands are excluded.
Discounts not valid on hardshell boats, stand up paddleboards, any item with GPS technology, personal locator beacons, avalanche airbag packs, skis, ski boots or ski bindings; snowboards, snowboard boots or snowboard bindings.


REI is a great company for outdoorsy sporting goods (non-team sports). Their product selection ranges from mainstream to hardcore enthusiast quality.

They have a "100% satisfaction guarantee" that an employee once interpreted for me (I was just going to not buy it, the associate presented this solution), when a special order of a different colored, but otherwise identical item cost $100 (I wasn't informed of the price before the order) rather than their normal $60, as a "price match" even though they didn't officially have a price match policy.

Employees joke that "R" in Recreational Equipment Inc stands for "Rental" because of the practically unlimited return policy.

Yes, if you're not a member, and are into hiking, camping, biking, paddling and/or climbing, join. A lifetime membership is only $20 (it was $10 when I joined over 20 years ago). REI is a consumer co-op so you get a dividend (cashable or as store credit) back every year as well.