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I found an interesting blog post about angies list.

Has anyone experienced angies list calling their business after being listed or reviewed and being asked for a listing upgrade fee? Sounds fishy if this is true that a business can pay to upgrade their listing.

Has anyone found their service to be worth the $5 a month they charge for consumer access?


Friends just got the service and can't find any local service providers reviewed (in Raleigh, NC). I've read this happens in other areas, too. Being from Indy, where the headquarters is, I've read too much negative press about the company/founder/profits to think that this service will last long. She will drain the company dry and leave consumers without any money to keep it going. Be careful.


I've never understood why people would pay this company for what they can get for free from friends, family, BBB, chamber of commerce, and various internet sites.


I have heard that a company cannot pay to be on Angies list... my wife does a lot of online surveys from home and gets a lot of free products, its her hobby... But she has gotten several Angies list "surveys" from company that basically try to buy a good review from random people by sending them free products.
I dont trust the website at all, if it is attempting to be honest, true reviews, they could earn money off their website traffic and not a subscription from the users.


This is a good deal. After getting ripped off by one contractor, I signed up and have had great success with the site. All reviews are done by actual customers, so it's easy to find reliable companies to work with. Well worth it in my opinion.


Why in the world would I pay them to go to their website and read their recommendations.

F Angie! I'll stick with Yelp. Even though they have their own problems, I can still get a good idea of a companies integrity by their good or bad reviews.


I have no idea why anyone would pay to use this service when there are free options out there... especially when it is a recurring monthly fee. Does one really need a plumber or electrician every few weeks? I am even more perplexed by the fact that this company was able to IPO and is valued at well north of $500 million. Snake oil is still a pretty hot commodity it seems.


How can the list ensure that companies aren't paying to sign up and give false reviews as 'consumers'? I laughed when I saw the first commercial. I was like.. huh ? Not to mention, the commercials are pretty stupid overrall.

I'll use Yelp, Urbanspoon etc for my consumer feedback.. read enough, and you can pretty much figure out what you are getting yourself into.


I have a friend who opened a small business (plumber) and created 10 different accounts just to give himself positive reviews. Not only did they never know, they contacted him for to participate in their enhanced listing service, which he declined. I wouldn't trust the reviews on that site any more than I would trust Yelp, Yahoo or Google.