dealsstar trek: original motion picture collection…


Star Trek the motion picture is a little painful to watch. Wrath of Khan makes up for it though. I prefer the original Wrath of Khan over the rip-off remake of 2013....


It's worth it just for this 5 second scene.


@selteral22: The Motion Picture wasn't as bad as most of Voyager.


This would make for a great rainy weekend marathon on the couch!


Oh nice, three good movies and three 'ok' movies. It's a rollercoaster of fun.

I'd like to get a collection of all of the movies for a good price though.

By the way I thought The Motion Picture wasn't all that bad. It drags on a bit, but it has crazy production values for the time and it had some memorable moments.


@selteral22: Actually the 2013 version is not a ripoff version... it is an alternate time line version...... opening the possibility to re-visit (ripoff) all the original story lines. BRILLIANT ;)


@the550cordshop: True. It just feels like a ripoff version. I am really hoping that Paramount or CBS or whoever owns the rights now does a new TV series set in the real timeline that takes place after TNG.


This is the DVD version for this price, not the blu-ray. Would be good if either the headline or the description said that.