dealsgamefly under $20 sale - portal 2, dead space 2…


Got myself Child of Eden... looked alright but for 14 bucks and free shipping the game looks AAA. Also got LA Noir. User a 5 dollar coupon I had and the total came to be 29 bucks.


I've been waiting for Fable III to go on sale (and it probably has quite a few times when I wasn't looking) - but I'm going to go snatch Batman with that $30 coupon at the K.

That plus BF3 and a loot.


Do they come in original cases with the game manuals


Those prices are including Gamefly member discount(the longer you stay you get like 5 to 10% off used games).
When I was logged in I saw prices as:

Bulletstorm: Used: $16.19
Dead Space 2: Used: $11.69.

Logged out:
Bulletstorm: Used: $17.99
Dead Space 2: Used: $12.99

And keep in mind that these are used games. I have bought 2 used games through gamefly, both like new. No scratches, nothing, it was like they gave me a new game.

And just a few game that are worth the money: Bulletstorm, dead space 2, fable 3, brink(I know I might get some flak for that one), Dragon Age 2, Red Faction, a few others.

@gunner305: They do come with case and manual.


@nilator: Thanks I am going to pick up a couple, probably LA Noire, Portal 2, Fable 3