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The best buy digital download process is impossible. Otherwise, this is a good deal.


Can this be linked to Steam?


@de1337er: Yes I believe it is a steamworks game like Civ 5 that no matter where you find it you must use steam


@de1337er: If it's like the Amazon download, it can't be linked to Steam.


@hiiamstevie: You are correct. DX:HR is a Steamworks title, so all you need is to enter the key in Steam.


Confirm that DX:HR can be linked to Steam (got mine on Amazon).

This game is the true sequel to Deus Ex, but I'm gonna throw this out there, if you liked the original DX, you're going to hate the "boss" fights. I have, so far.

Other than that, the game is pretty darn good (especially on the hardest difficulty) and totally worth this price.