deals3 in 1 pen with laser – 4 pack for $7.50…


3 in 1?
pen + laser = 2 in 1


@angerbender: 3rd feature is an integrated assault rifle. unlisted due to excessive liberal woot userbase.


Shipping to me in Oregon seems reasonable @ $3.00. Four laser/light pens + shipping to where I live = $10.50. Pretty good deal IMHO.


I bought a couple of sets. Adding the additional set increases the shipping by only $1.00, which seems fair. The site lets you choose your shipping method, which is also nice. Payment through Paypal is available, so no risk in exposing credit card information to an unfamiliar vendor.

The third "feature" is a flashlight, by the way.


If they are like the ones that I got last year...ten the 3rd feature is a bright white LED light (offset from the laser just slightly). My kids have loved it for hide and go seek.
Maybe one of us should click the link and read the description.



- You get four (4) pens (colors will be assorted)
- Writing Pen with retractable tip
- Red Laser projects up to 100 feet
- LED Mini Flashlight
- YES, Batteries (AG3) are Included.


$9.99 with free shipping here:

That's $0.50 cheaper, if these are indeed the same pens (looks so).


I got one of these free with something at ThinkGeek, and it was fun while it lasted (about a week). Meh. Pass.


There's no such thing as a kitty household that has enough lasers. This seems like a nice way to pick up another four.