dealsroyal blue chemise with black lace, sizes small…


wow, really hot and tasteful, probably wouldn't cover my junk though, or suit my ladyfriend much. She more into the 'boy shorts' kind of thing. Less girly but hot, nonetheless. Anything over there that's less frilly but still tiny and sexy?


@renatus: There are over 3000 styles in our catalog, I'm sure you can find the perfect item ;-)

Here is a set with boy shorts:


Absolutely gorgeous....from top to bottom.


@renatus: You might check the Deal of The Day...
Looks good...


Hey, ocheri?
What would you recommend for a woman who is fairy tall and a few extra lbs after the kids.


@crapple: One person's spam is another person's deal.

Although sometimes there's just spam, and that's something none of us like. I guess what I'm really saying is "lots of deals here, something for everyone, feel free to 'walk on by' if it's not your thing".


@crapple: why log in to complain everyday? Looks like all you do is comment on OhCheri's deals. Smells like a troll, looks like a troll...must be a troll.

Thank you OhCheri for your contributions to the rest of us.


@crapple: Oh wow. The only thing you've done here is comment on ohcheri's posts? Your existence must be a pitiful one. Do you need a hug? :(


@crapple: Do you scream at the cats to get off your lawn when ever they walk on it? Just wondering how far you go with this whole grumpy at the world thing?


@crapple: Oh Cheri is just trying to run a legitimate business and you're harassing them why, exactly? It would be considered spam if they emailed you these deals directly, but that's not the case. Oh Cheri happens to have great deals and they get voted up. If you don't think it's a great deal, vote it down. There's no need for the harassment though.

FYI - I've purchased from Oh Cheri and it was a great experience. Great prices, great service, quality product.


@hottubrf: Please email me with your measurements and I'll offer you some ideas


@veejayxl: Hey, Big Girls need love too. In fact, Ohcheri has items for the larger woman as well.

@ohcheri: LOL


@ohcheri: Thank you. I will do that!!! :-)


@ohcheri: OK, it's official... Ohcheri is now the only place I buy lingerie for my wife at. Quoting THE best character in one of the best movies (I'm a marine, so I might be slightly jaded)ever... and in 100% context.

I'm in love!


Wow that is just about my favorite color of blue. Everything should come in that color. I get drawn into the thumbnail just from the color.


@OCheri: The Lighten Up Frances comment makes me wish I could upvote twice