deals22 piece fully polished sae and metric…


Very poor quality - cast, not forged, so only suitable for light duty, such as occasional use around the house. For that purpose, you're better off with a decent forged adjustable wrench. HF is a good source for tools you'll use once or twice, some garage gear and tool storage. Few of their hand tools are worth having.


@gstucker: Agreed. Using this exact set to work on my car, a thirty minute job turned into a two-hour job because the box end of the 12mm wrench rounded off the head of a bolt. Yes, I was using the correct size wrench for the bolt. No, I wasn't using a metric wrench on an inch bolt.

I can't recommend Harbor Freight wrenches, even for light use. It's not a good deal if you're buying something that isn't useful.

Pay a little extra and get something better. I like both the Lowe's store brand (which is made by the company that makes Matco) and Craftsman for good (not great, but good) quality tools.

(This is not to say that all Harbor Freight tools are bad. I have plenty of HF tools in my toolbox. Just no wrenches.)