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I had a similar thought as @thargan. When NewEgg puts out coupon codes they often raise the prices on the items affected. is very useful for tracking price histories for items on NewEgg, Amazon, and a few other sites. You can get a browser plug-in Chrome or Firefox that allows you to check an item's price history without leaving the product page.


@dxdn: Thanks for the valuable web-site link!!
Good to know


@dxdn: Thanks for the link, and your right. I looked up a random product that had a coupon and found it went from $15.99 in Jan to $20.99 today.


Well, you're welcome (and thank you). What happened to @thargan's post?

In addition to raising item prices during sales, NewEgg also sometimes keeps the item price the same, but raises the shipping price, or starts charging shipping when it is usually free, so that's even trickier if you don't know what they were charging to ship an item prior to the "sale."

I know this sorta paints NewEgg as a bad guy, but I shop there often, their customer service is excellent, they do still have good prices quite often, and frequently good special deals. It's simply that their coupon sales are often not as good as they seem.


I always check before I hit the buy button at any site as well as before I head out the door to shop. I'd guess I find a coupon worth usually 15-30% off at least 50% of the time.


Well, looks like the price of one of the case fans I wanted to buy went up 20%.

Newegg does this especially on shell shocker deals, they list the old price as the full MSRP when they have never sold it for that much, in order to make the sale price look better. Camelcamelcamel really helps as mentioned, as well as shoprunner. I don't think I would pay for it, but there have been a few deals for a free year. Keep your eyes open for it if you like newegg.

Newegg doesn't offer a true price guarantee, but I've heard of people having some success at getting small gift cards when the price of an item went down after they bought. Not for the whole difference, but better than nothing.


@jmattoon: The price went from 19.99 to 20.99 in February. I dont think you can compare two months ago


@jmattoon: Funny that you link to that product. I just ordered it a couple of days ago from ChiefValue, a sister company to NewEgg. ChiefValue had it for $19.99 and offered free UPS 3-day shipping. NewEgg was selling it for the $20.99 with free shipping, but their shipping was the slow Egg Saver Shipping. I now see ChiefValue has bumped the price up to $20.99, but still offers the free 3-day shipping. It's interesting how the pricing and shipping vary between the two sites.


You could always look at this from another angle. Newegg is forced to do the price changes and as such they try to use coupons to compensate?


Wow that's messed up that they raise the prices before giving coupons. I really thought that NewEgg had more integrity than that. :(