dealsbodum caffettiera 51 oz. french press for $22.00…


These things make the absolute best coffee or tea imho. ymmv


You can get these things at any given Target for only $20.


tomisg is correct, you can do better in your local stores: see this 48 oz french press for much cheaper since there is no extra shipping charged.
Keep in mind you dont want to get a real big one since coffee doesnt stay hot as long as it would be in a pot ot carafe.|14261439&CPNG=Appliances&kpid=14261439&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=14261439#item-specifications


@archiestone: @akhoward: The coupon code is for free shipping on this item


A 6 cup press is not going to be 48oz. It will be 30 oz. A coffee "cup" is 5oz, not the 8oz that you would expect. Also this replacement is a Primula press rather than Bodum. I have never had very good luck with Primula glassware. It always ends up broken fairly quickly.