dealshanes- men's thermal shirt for $3.99


Great deal... Use Code 87431 to get an additional 15% off I got 20 pair pants/tops/suit for $73 shipped out the door. Free shipping on $70 orders.

Other codes available at deal catcher for smaller orders.


The reviews for these aren't that favorable. I'll pass, but good deal otherwise.


code didn't work for me, but it's still a good deal if your getting a few


Good catch,

3am on the 13th and code worked for me. Many things on sale and code works as long as the order is over $75; plus free ship at $70.
I ordered 8 thermal tops and bottoms, 2pkgs of underwear, 2 heavyweight zippered hoodies, all on sale... that would have cost $168 at full price, w/o shipping. With the "87431" code, + sale price for all my items, it came out to $78.28 w/tax, shipped to my house for FREE.
A helluva deal! PLUS I absolutely love Hanes products. A total win/win.


Thanks OP for the code! It worked for my order of a buttload (no pun intended) of underwear, a couple of 1/4 zip top polos, comfy pants, and socks.


$5.99 shipping for just the shirt.


The CODE 87431 just worked for me great deal, they also have screen print shirts for 2.99