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I bought one of these from 1saleaday. If you're comfortable getting into your car's wiring and know how to, it shouldn't be too bad. It took me multiple days to get this up and running. I had to call support, which sometimes didn't answer, because I couldn't get into the programming mode to change the crank duration so it would turn over. It works now and it is really nice to have a warm car to go to in the winter. If you install this and have trouble getting into the programming mode, disconnect all the plugs and ground wire and leave it for 45 minutes. This lets the thing reset. I was kind of upset to see a groupon for $100 for a remote start plus installation because this thing was a pain in the ass to get going. Also, I didn't know where to mount the thing so now there's a big black box with a bunch of wires bunched up near the left foot rest of my car. Irritating at times but there isn't enough wire length to hide it anywhere else.


As a professional installer, I'll second the suggestion that this install is not for the inexperienced. But I would compare all mobile electronics installation to say.... building a computer. Your average middle-aged person may see that as impossible and "for professionals only". But many of us on here know it's really not that difficult once you know a few things. It's going to take some planning and some serious time for the inexperienced. But, as you've proved, non-professionals can do it.

As for the wires not being long enough, 90+% of installations have the brain mounted up under the steering column. I have yet to have a major problem with wire length on any model from any manufacturer. MAYBE on wires that run under the hood (siren, tach) depending on the car. But it takes 2 minutes to extend the wire with some scrap. To top this off, I try to mount the brain in the center console area or on the passenger side. Should buy some extra time if a thief is looking to snip the wires.


@firebirdude: Correct. The install was hard because you had to figure out how to strip the wires the right way and learn to work in a small cramped space with hard to reach wires. It's time consuming, not difficult. I assumed it was supposed to go under the steering column but it didn't look like it'd fit :/ Maybe I'll have to take another look. I'd love to get that out of the way, I like my foot rest...