dealsthe witcher 2: assassins of kings for xbox 360…


Uh, it's kinda weird that Toys R' Us would even sell it. It's probably the most "adult" mainstream game in quite awhile, in not just content but subject matter.

Good deal though.


This is an awesome game, made by a fantastic company.


your order does not meet the requirements of this promotion


It gives you "free shipping on new releases" (-$5.61) but as soon as you put in the $10 off code, it adds the shipping back in. So the code is more like $4.39 off.

Item Sub-Total: $34.99
Shipping: $5.61
Sales Tax: $3.18
Total: $43.78

I think I'll just wait until the price drops on it more before jumping on it - have plenty of games in my backlog as it is :)


@bloodtalonx: I got off a little better on the sales tax than you did ($2.61) but the shipping did kill this deal for me. I can't seem to find any sort of "ship to store" options either.


@brashattack: I looked at that also. It looks as though TRU does offer ship to store, but this item is flagged as ineligible for in-store pickup on the product page. In the end, it comes out to be $10 savings over Amazon's "Enhanced Edition". I don't know if this is the same version, or what the differences are between the two.

In either case, I'll avoid TRU's sneaky shipping charge and wait for this one to drop a bit more before I pick it up :)


@chaostony: Lol. They sell Duke Nukem Forever.


@n1892: They also sell Saints Row 3rd. Sadly, there is probably a lot of parents buying these games for their kids with no clue and/or don't care...


Hey guys... you do know you can print out the coupon from the website and then bring it to the store for 10 bucks off any game... including this one.