dealspizza cutter- pyrex for $5.00 + free shipping


Shipping isn't free.

I get people want their deals to be voted up, but it's not that hard to type "+free in store pickup" instead.


Agreed. Crappy deal, trying to force people to join mailing lists, to avoid paying $12 for what is really about a $8 item anyway, which makes this an OK deal at best.


Not sure what your problem is since i clearly stated this in the description: "Ships free with 30 day trial membership with ShippingVantage (similar to Amazon Prime)" and "Ships free to local store." Some here may even already be members of "shippingVantage" or would like to try it. That's not for me to decide. People click the "Free Shipping" box all the time when it's Amazon Prime, but it's not okay to do that w/ "ShippingVantage"?


I've seen these in the dollar store.


@loubriccant: People don't/can't read my friend.


Just go to a local store and buy it. Save yourself the hassle of shipping. It's a freaking pizza cutter. sheesh.