dealssamsung bd-e5400 blu-ray player with apps & wi-fi…


ah!!! i just spent $70 on a sony player this past sunday!!! i knew this would happen...


You're better off. This one sucks at everything but playing Bluray. I bought 2 and they are terrible at everything that requires WIFI.


@superspec: Agreed - however, the wired version isn't much better (I have both) in that the Netflix/Youtube apps are so clunky as to be unusable. At least compared to a Roku or similar, maybe I'm just spoiled. I bought the wired one as an "all-in-one" box, and bought a new Roku to sit beside it within a week. Now it's just a Bluray, like the wireless one.


I'm in the process of trying to find a new owner for mine (wifi version) - I use Netflix with closed caption and the CC is usually off/jumbled, and Netflix locks up a lot. Pandora has no issues, but I use Netflix more regularly. I don't recommend this purchase.


Terrible, terrible player. Laggy, unresponsive, and a damn shame Amazon/Woot is still trying to pawn these off on people. I've been waiting over a week for a response to my claim as I'm desperately trying to return this crummy player.


locks up constantly streaming netflix - search "samsung bluray lockup using netflix". i end up having to stream wirelessly from my problems that way, so we can't blame netflix. This player does fine with bluray disks but it's gotten so bad that we can't use it for streaming video at all. Seems to work ok with Pandora now (when it came, the Pandora app wasn't working until the mfr released a firmware update). I can't recommend this one for anything other than a BluRay disc player.