dealsnec multisync 90gx2-bk 19" lcd monitor - blackā€¦


What am I missing here? Almost $200 on a 19" refurb?


I bought mine for $199 four years ago from another outfit "refurbished" WITH the 3 year full warranty so I'm not sure it's such a good deal if all they are offering is a 30 day warranty. NEC is a higher end (more expensive) monitor tho.

It is a nice monitor. Zero dead pixels, 2 USB ports and I really had no problems with the 4ms response and I'm a gamer. I am updating to a 24'ish monitor soon and looked into another NEC but sticker shock got the better of me. WOW! NEC is a little spendy.

If it wasn't for the 30 day warranty and you only needed a 19" monitor I would still say get it.

Oh yeah, it's a glossy screen so don't have a window or a light directly behind you.