dealsable planet xnc230 extreme noise-cancelling…


These look structurally identical to a set I have owned for >6 years - I absolutely love them! (thankfully, mine are grey and black)

They appear to have (like mine) a removable cord, which is fantastic if you just want to use them to silence engine noise on a trip (car or airplane) and don't want a cord dangling across you.

A photo they really should have included is of them folded up - these collapse very nicely. The top of the headband unlatches and folds with its axis perpendicular to its curve (making it a 1/4 circle arc). This, along with turning both speakers towards each-other (inside the arc), allows them to collapse into a quite small package (much smaller than any other over-the-ear headphones I've seen).

If these have the same electronics that mine do (they might if they're made in the same factory - which is possible), they are great at quieting constant noises, less so for voices. This is actually nice on a plane as you can much more clearly hear announcements.


Anybody know if in fact these are "over the ear?"


I also own Abel Planet headsets. Costco recently had these in black for around $90. If these are like his - they include two cords, one has a basic drop mic (the small kind that's just a bump on the cord). I've also purchased several pairs of similarly made headsets for gaming from WOOT made by Able planet that had active noise cancelling and a real boom mic. The brand feels solid, not cheaply made plastic. They last a long time - we tend to tear through headsets thanks to kids that do unspeakable things when we're not looking -- and the Able Planet sets made it longer than any Razer or similarly branded. I found that the ear part laid ON my ear, not engulfing it.. which may bother some for very long wear. (It doesn't bother my husband, it did bother me when I had earrings in.)


Okay, thanks for taking the time to provide that good information. I need the kind that "engulf" my ears though.


If it's not Scottish, it's crap!


@flyingwriter: They are over, not on the ear, headphones. See the categories at the seller site.


bad deal: on amazon for the same price with prime shipping


@mrkmo: Then this is a good deal for those of us who DON'T have Prime.


@mrkmo: when you find a code for the amazon price to come down to this one let us know.


It's a shame about the color. My wife has been asking for noise-cancelling headphones and this is a great price but there's no way she'd go for plaid.

@serafyna: Amazon has a picture of what they look like folded up, if anyone is interested:

@mrkmo: I don't see them for this price on Amazon. They appear to be $39.66.
If they WERE this price then a Prime membership wouldn't be required. Amazon ships free over $25 anyway...


Do not buy.

I had one broken within one year. Moreover, when it was working, the sound quality is worse than $10 to $20 earplug (klipsch or sennheiser brands).


Ouch... all plaid....
I don't usually consider headphones a fashion statement, but I /also/ don't get the flannel out much!
The site has a green plaid one for $10 more.:

And the Woot code works, so I'm in for 1. HVLP FTW.


I had that exact pair, bought from Woot close to 2 years ago.

1- They're hideously ugly. I had missed that they were plaid when I bought them. You may get mocked.

2- They work fine. I'm not an audiophile, but they did what they were supposed to until..

3- They broke. The headband split so now one of the ears dangles away. I used them pretty regularly at work, and they lasted about a year and a half. I was ok with this. I then bought the next set of half-decent headphones from woot. If they were anything close to their claimed retail price, I might have been pretty unhappy.

4- Do not underestimate how ugly these headphones are.


Just a quick tip: if you don't like the plaid, you can resolve that with a quick trip to your local hobby store. Just pick up some spray paint for models and have any color you want.


Ah laddy, from the same people that brought you the "EXTREME Noise-Cancelling Kilt".


Well, if these cancel noise as well as the $300.00 Boise, (but they break easily) it is worth it to me. I had a pair of the Jabra C820S noise canceling earphones I bought 8 years ago and they also were very fragile but they lasted until now because I was careful with them. I only used them for airline flights. I finally sat on them during my last flight by mistake and they broke. There are some Jabra C820S sets available on eBay but they are selling for $100.00. I bought two sets of the ones listed here for $50.00 and will be careful with them. I don't give a damm how they look if they cancel noise well. I am 70 though, LOL.


The headphones I referred to in my posting, above, are the Creative HN-700 model.
Sadly, the Creative ones are no longer available, but these (in this deal) appear to be at least physically identical (if not for the color).
Good pictures at the newegg link to see how compact they are when folded.

Also - looks like the price went up on the ones linked in this deal. :(