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@kamikazeken: I voted for the deal but I think you should be careful tossing out references to investment opportunities on deals...especially toy ones.


I've earned a lot of money reselling lego sets after they've been discontinued.
I've also earned quite a bit of money reselling other toys over the years. I bought 2 of these sets, and one of the death star sets. I plan on keeping one of these star destroyers, and eventually selling the death star and the other star destroyer. They'll be sitting in a closet for a few years I'm sure, because I consider them an investment.


Re-sell value has only exploded for a couple of the earliest Star Wars sets. Once people realized how much the price would go up, they all bought a ton of the new ones, so the potential profit on these sets is minimal.

With the exception of one bizarre sale, the old star destroyer goes closer to $550-$600, even when brand new. Most of the other discontinued sets go for <$100 more than original purchase price.


From the description on Amazon

"With over 3,000 pieces, measuring nearly 50 inches (124.5 cm) long and weighing nearly pounds.."

I want to way nearly pounds myself. I also want someone to buy this for me and put it together.


@asahel01: As an adult whos childhood was built on Legos, I think it'd be a blast to build this. I'll build it if you find a financial backer lol.


Price is now $477.77 w/$12.49 shipping. Apparently the one on sale sold out. Sorry if you missed it. And there's only 1 left at that price. :-(


@kamikazeken: I completely 100% agree with you! I bought 3 death stars last year at 10% off, and two of them are for investment purposes. I have made some good money too, with selling retired sets. A star wars set
I bought last year for $120 sold for me on Amazon last week for $355 :D I had almost sold it last year when I saw the going price was in the mid-200's, so I'm glad I waited.
@nativityinblood: You are incorrect. Period. But thinking like yours only helps those of us who realize the future value of SOME lego sets (not all). If you would like for me to back up my opinion with specific examples, I'd be more than happy to. I'll give you a quick example right now: Village Toy Shop #10199 cost me $60 last year (RRP=$59.99). I bought 10 (5 limit on Amazon, 5 limit on It is now worth more than double the RRP, and I bet it goes up even more towards Christmas.

For anyone interested, the death star is now $335.99 (I'm VERY tempted!), and the destroyer is $359.00

:) Sharon


For any1 interested, the cost for lego to make this i s probably around $20, pay some royalties, 6000% markup... you get to 400 ish