dealsfolding survival shovel w/ case


Oh yeah.. it's got a COMPASS in the handle! In case you get lost while gardening.


$5.99 shipping, for those wondering.


@captainsuperdawg: lol - I made sure to put it in BOLD on the 2nd line in the description :)


"You can store it in your car when not in use, so it could be hand in emergencies" from their website.

So what emergency, like maybe dumping a body in a vacated and dark place. And how you going to explain why you carrying these item in your car to the cop who just pulled to over.

Cops: So why do you have a shovel in your car
Me: Oh, i was just gardening, you know.....
Cops: AT 4:00 Am at a park
Me: Let me show you
Cops: Voice heard over the radio, look for a male carrying a shovel, Cop turns around, baaaammmmmm..............

Voice over radio: hello, 426, 426, roger come in, roger...........

Me: Thnax deals.woot, you saved my life today. now time to grow those tomatoes :)


@searchneverend: Sometimes you get stuck in the snow and need to dig yourself out. If you live where there's snow of course.


I'm sure a $2.59 shovel will never fail you in a survival situation.


@rayray8822: I actually have one of these, I decided to bust it out to try to dig some dirt from the yard to plant a small potted plant into the ground. It was the most epic failure possible. The shovel head managed to detach itself from the shovel and cut my hand in the process.


That's $5.99 shipping EACH. Was actually thinking about purchasing, but not without combined shipping.


@searchneverend: If there's anything I've learned from Jay-Z - it's this:

"Well, my glove compartment is locked, so is the trunk in the back
And I know my rights, so you gon' need a warrant for that"


@taiwann: I'm afraid nothing is as good as that china shovel, not even the china shovel itself. That is the strongest shovel propaganda I've ever seen. Mao would approve.

By the way, the cheapest I could find that military chinese shovel (WJQ-308) for is around $100 shipped. Unfortunately, there are so many cheap knock-offs that I wouldn't risk ebay or a bargain price cuz you're almost guaranteed to get a cheap imposter.

Here's the knock-off being sold on amazon:


A minus 2 votes. Man, some people has no sense of humor at all. Lmao


@zuiquan: i live in Michigan, beside Alaska and Colorado, I think we get the most snow. Buy a 4 x 4 and u wouldn't need this shovel. Beside this shovel is not going to help in Michigan snow lol


@searchneverend: Well I'm from Michigan too (the UP) and I say that a shovel this size will indeed help you dig out. It will take awhile but will do the job. And I refuse to have a 4 X 4 for only the five to seven months when it will be useful. So I bought a BMW with s-drive. I also have a shovel. :)


This shovel is 12 inches, (one foot), when open. Good for harvesting up your onions.