dealssamsung galaxy note 10.1 16gb tablet…


I think the smarter buy would be a brand new Google Nexus 10 for $399. Nexus products get official Android updates first directly from Google without having to wait for a 3rd party manufacturer to do it, among other benefits.


@thericochet: Depends on what you're going for. The specs on the nexus 10 are better and worse (CPU vs display). Also the s-pen is fantastic!


The difference between the displays is much more than the difference between the cpus though. The nexus is most likely better for the majority of users.


The display quality on this is off the charts. the Pen interface is similar to that of a drawing tablet for a computer( ~$150). I have one and it takes a normal tablet and makes it usable in college, Hand writing conversion, shape correction for notes, formula writing mode. And the 1024 points of pressure are great for photoshopping on the tablet (it comes with PS touch, which is more then adequate for most average users.
I love mine, and the RF controller on the top lets me control my TV and satellite box as well.