dealscthulhu for president (why choose a lesser evil…


I will not vote for Cthulhu until I see the long form birth certificate.... on a tee shirt.


@caffeine_dude: I can testify that Cthulhu was born in Hawaii and not in ancient Sumeria or Babylonia (as has been reported). That said, we will not be releasing birth information of Mr. Cthulhu on a t-shirt. I can also say we did recently have a similar request from Donald Trump (he loves t-shirts - little known fact).


Cthulu 2012 - Your insanity demands it!

Yes we Canthulu!


Dick Cheney's getting back into politics???


I'm woothulhu, and I approved this message.


On a more serious note, I actually ordered my first bumper sticker from Cafepress about 8 months ago and got it as a present for a friend of mine who loves bumper stickers (her car is covered in them). It got a position of prominence on the rear bumper and has been there ever since. 8 months in and it looks no worse for the wear. I know bumper stickers are a hard thing to screw up, but the internet is full of cheap crap. At least this cheap crap is worth the price.


I think it should say "why pick an evil lesser?" instead, but I am definitely in for one... or two...


Just want to point out that this seems to be a site-wide sale, not just for this particular sticker, so you might want to check out other ones--I've been wanting a "Cthulhu for president" sticker for ages, but there are others on the site with different designs that are going for the same or similar price. All stickers on the site, looks like, so plenty of non-Cthulhu ones too, if for some reason you don't want to air your support so publicly.