dealshp p7-1423w i5-2320 8gb ddr3 1tb hd 802.11b/g/n 7…


Boost the power supply and add a video card and you have a decent mid-range system that will be good for gaming as long as you aren't wanting to run all graphics options on the highest settings. Do that and you double the $400 price tag shown here. Still, it would be a decent gaming rig for about $800.

For an office machine for daily use and basic gaming, it's definitely worth the price and needs no upgrades. This will run your games and apps and allow you to edit photos, surf the Internet, what have you. You're not going to be able to crank the graphics in your games much higher than their lower settings, but what do you expect from a $400 system?

I would buy it in a heartbeat for the office and would still be able to play some World of Warcraft with the graphics dialed down a bit.

CPU Benchmark comparison:


@joshthegeek: But dood - it's Win8 - whonell can put up with that??? Besides, gaming is so 90's!!!


I was ready to click the I WANT ONE button until I saw Windows 8. I know that's the way it's going to be, but darn, the new UI sure is a piece of CRAP!


@compudata & @willnott, Windows 8 really is much faster. You can add a Start button with all kinds of free apps that make it function identical to Windows 7, so you're not doing yourself any favors by skipping the deal for that one reason. Also, Microsoft has Windows 8.1 coming out soon, which also brings the Start Menu back as an option officially from Microsoft, as well as other nice enhancements & tweaks.


@compudata: can anyone explain the deal with the win 8 bashing?
I understand the default tile display is horrendous, but I have also seen many opinions that the original desktop interface with start button and icons etc. can be restored in a few clicks, plus win 8 supposedly runs slightly faster overall....
With that in mind, who cares about the crappy 'stock' settings when it takes little effort to make it right...?

And for the super techies: I just bought a few used laptops (4-5 years old) what op would rund fastest? I am using strictly for browsing (chrome) and updating software on consumer electronics...

Thanks in advance....


@middle: I recently installed Linux Mint 13 on a Lenovo X60 laptop with a Centreni processor and 1 Gb of system memory. Runs awesome and has extended the usefulness of this laptop. I work in IT and know Microsoft stuff well. I am able to work with this version of linux with minimal effort. If you are only going to be browsing then this might be a good option as Linux does not need a lot of system resources. I can have the email client running and 5 tabs in Firefox open while streaming music from Keep in mind your mileage may vary...