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Quoting from WebMD on hCG:

Although it may sound like a plausible weight loss plan, the scientific evidence for using hCG is lacking.

In 1995, the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published an analysis of research showing no benefit of hCG in promoting weight loss. A December 2009 position paper of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians concluded they did not recommend hCG as a weight loss aid.

Quack director Stephen Barrett, MD tells WebMD that "scientific studies have demonstrated that hCG injections do not cause weight loss.”

He describes the protocol as extreme, nearly impossible to adhere to, and senseless, especially because the clinical trials have demonstrated that hCG is ineffective as a weight loss aid.

There are no FDA-approved hCG weight loss products, and the FDA and Federal Trade Commission have cracked down on several companies marketing hCG weight loss products.