dealsdell 740 desktop pc (refurbished) for $149.00…


Nothing earthshaking of course, But this a decent enough small system. imho ymmv


About 4+ years ago my company bought around 500 of the 745 series.

After about 3 years a number of the systems began to BSOD randomly. Turns out the capicators had started leaking.

It's now 4+ years later and only a few are remaining in service.

Three main failure points:
1. Capacitors
2. HDD Fan (gets noisy and eventually fails and HDD fries)
3. HDD (caused by HDD temperature). The HDD, despite a fan, run hot. Under a decent workload (CPU, Video, HDD access, the HDD becomes hot like a cup of hot coffee).

It does have the capibility to add a low profile video card...but don't unless it vents the heat out of the case.

Now this is for the 740 which is an AMD product. It may not have the capacitor issue, but I'm pretty sure it'll have HDD heat issues.

We have bought 755, 760, 780, 990, and now 7010's.
All are doing fine except the 990s.. The PSU keep failing, over 20% within first few months.
We have about 500 in production with all the PSUs going to be prelaced


FYI windows 7 64bit is worth $89 all by itself, so you are getting the hardware for $60.


Good enough deal for some cheap workstations. I'm kind of impressed.


@souka: Hello. These computers have been thoroughly tested by us. We're 1 of only 16 Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers in the country. That should inspire confidence that our testing procedure is very detailed. The Dell 740's can develop bad capacitors just like any other computer but I'd say they're much better than most. Capacitors are a big deal for us so we take the time to replace any that look like they might eventually fail. Heat has always been an issue with the Small Form Factor models. This model is a slightly larger Desktop. Meaning, the components inside are not so tightly crammed together as the smaller models which allows the computer room to breathe. No computer ever made is perfect but we stand behind our product by including a full warranty. We'll be there if you need us. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Hopefully my post helps as well.


@intoxin: Win7 may sell at retail for $89, but that doesn't mean that this vendor paid $89 for it.

You could just as easily say that the hardware is worth about $120, so you're getting Windows 7 for $30!


Picked one up for parents. Seems reliable enough to check email and write a few word documents. Even if it dies in three years, $150 isn't a big loss.


Doesn't include a video card. Is not a complete computer without one.


20 year IT professional here. I was ready to call BS on this deal but they seem to be legitimate.

eBay positive feedback is 99.0% and their feedback score is 39894.

They ARE one of only 16 authorized Microsoft Authorized Resellers.

The only personal opinion I have to offer is that it appears these guys are well aware of "capacitor plague" and take what steps they can to correct it.

(Full disclosure: I don't buy refurbished equipment for work but do in my personal life. Before today I've never heard of this company. My main reason for bothering to research was that I thought the Microsoft claim was hogwash, as I didn't think Microsoft had such a program.)


@rockmasterflex69: Whatcha smoking, this is a corporate type PC, the Video is onboard. The upgrades are if you want an add in card. Look at the back pics, you can see the Video connector coming off the mainboard


@intoxin: yes, Windows 7 64bit, right in time for Windows 8 to come out


We have had good luck with this company.

About the computer: we have a few of a similar model. What we did was buy as many as needed for our small bull pen of computers, we bought 10. Then bought 2 extras so when one failed, and like all computers will do, we could swap out the hard drive and be back up and running in minutes.

So $1,800.00 dollars give us 10 Workstations with spares. Of course you need to add keyboard, mouse, and MS Office.


@jersully: Thanks jersully!! Where do we send the check?


I'm curious as to the performance of these machines for basic web browsing and MS Office, which is what my wife and kids do almost exclusively.

They're currently using a Dell Vostro 200 running XP Home built around Aug 2007. Will this perform better?


@cltmhorn: Browsing the web and working in Office doesn't require much of anything. However, kids can be brutal on computers. They can take a thousand dollar gaming rig and turn it into a paper weight in a hurry. The specs on your current computer may still be more than enough but I'd guess your Operating System has been gummed up by a million different game installations. It's also very possible that you're loaded down with viruses and spyware. The computer we're offering has 4gb of ram which will definitely make your two tasks move very well. For you, the best part about this computer is that it comes with a full recovery partition. Meaning, if the kids slow it down, you can get it back to new by clicking just a few buttons. It would wipe the computer clean of problems and bring the operating system back to the way you received it. I have a dedicated computer for my kids and I restore it all the time. It's very handy.


Blair is so right. Since your family already is using the XP Vostro they should be impressed with this computer as a replacement. Generally Windows 7 is a very good OS and this computer has dual processing which your 2007 PC most likely doesn't have.

But please understand this is a used computer. If you start putting all your family photos on it be sure, be sure, be sure to always do local backups or save you data on-line like with DropBox or the Windows one, I think called On-Cloud.


@blairtechnologygroup: Thanks. I've rebuilt the system since then and the performance hasn't improved. I do run antispyware and antivirus. I also have a filtering transparent proxy server running on linux to keep my kids away from places there not supposed to be... although they're pretty creative.

I don't think the issue is windows clutter. So I'm still curious what the performance comparison might be between this box and my current box. I believe the current box us running an intel core 2 duo w/2GB RAM.


I have purchased from BTG before, quite possibly the best used laptop that I have ever had the honor of possessing!


@sbchandler: Thanks. I archive all of my critical documents to my linux server via Samba, which is running mirrored RAID. And then I do offsite backup using crashplan.


These have terrible power supplies. In my experiance, 20% of this model have power supply failures in the first 12 months


Still available or is the deal dead? The link no longer brings up the 740 and it didn't appear in a stock search...