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@morriea: Do you have any experience putting these on? I bought a screen protector last time but messed it up. I am worried about using water for the installation. I bough the full body protector right now so I am going to try again but any tips would be appreciated.



@conanthelibrarian: I do have experience doing it. HINT #1 - CLEAN HANDS. Do not even touch the item till all oil is removed from your hands. I use a bowl of light soapy water beside me to get all of the oil off my hands before handling. HINT #2 - use the light soapy water solution in a spray bottle to cover BOTH sides of the item AS you remove it from the backing. Be liberal. You cannot get it too wet. If you do not get it wet enough, it will begin to adhere before you get it lined up correctly. (cont.)


HINT #3 - use a small rubber squeegee if at all possible. I will dip the squeegee in the bowl of soapy water to run it across the screen protector as the water between the device and the glass is removed. Work the middle to the sides/top/bottom to get it to adhere. as long as you keep the squeegee wet every now and then, there is no real hurry to finish. This allows you to get any big bubbles out. The micro bubbles will disappear over time. HINT #4 - Let it dry for several days before putting it into a case (24 hours before use).

There used to be a video on the site.