dealsbushnell 1x25 trophy series trs-25 red dot scope…


These were $69 on Amazon w/ free shipping + $30 rebate for months..

So I wouldn't say a significant price increase constitutes much of a deal :)


Sorry. Not that price on Amazon anymore and that 30.00 rebate was good on lots of products during the holidays. Still you are getting a $150.00 Red Dot Sight for $85.00 Shipped. Good Sight and Good Deal! :-)


@bgpilot: You knew that and still posted this? Also, $150 red dot lol.. who told you that?

I'm glad your posting deals, but next time you should spend a couple minutes checking around beforehand..even a 30 seconds to check Google.
Nothing personal, just doesn't make much sense to post stuff that's actually retail.. or in this case WAAYYY ABOVE retail..

$79 + free shipping
$79 + free shipping on the NEW model

$69 + free shipping after MIR:


Also, Amazon prices fluctuate on like an hourly basis.. so it'll drop again - probably soon.

If you want to see what I'm talking about, find a dozen or so random items (pref. popular ones) and put 'em in your cart and then check back periodically :)