dealsduracell aa batteries (40-pack) for $10.95


30 day warranty? Any idea what the expiration date is on these?

Costco has a 40 pack of of Duracell AA for under $14 that are good through 2023.


When I look at it, it says "Our Price: $17.95"


Should mention that the $3.99 shipping is per 40 count, so if you want to order 2 or more, its 3.99 per 40. (7.98 for 80 etc)

It equals out to being $.3735 per battery.


@capnjb: I ordered several packs of these when these were offered last time. The expiration dates range from 2017-2019. However, I have since then found out that almost 1/4 of these batteries either have no charge, very little charge or drained incredibly fast. I used the batteries in game controllers and remotes that had previously been put to long use before having to change batteries.


I got these last time and 10 of them were completely dead. Ripoff!


anyone else notice there's a lot more than 40 batteries in that picture?


I bought these the last time too, and they are garbage. I thought I wa grtting a steal but I recieved betteries that dont last very long. They might be OK for remotes and such but not flashlights which is my min usage


it is really unbelievable that battery can be so cheap at 40 pcs, so the quality can be imagined before payment.