dealsgerber 22-41307 diamond pocket sharpener for $0.65


I own one of these. After the coating wears out though on the rods, you're better off using the old fashioned sharpeners.

Works great when new.


they want a cc # I don't see a paypal anyplace.....NoSale


@harobikes333: Thanks for the feedback. Important that all know these have a lifespan. I have a variety of sharpeners and I find that each of my knives likes a different sharpener or two. When the knives loose that cutting bite, I use two that are the steel carving rod style. They are late 1880s and are from my GREAT G’PARENTS. One is marked THOMAS TURNER R&CC CUTLERS TO HIS MAJESTY the other HARRISON BROS & HOWSON. A few passes on either of them and I am ready to shave with that edge. Concerning the Gerber, when I go for dinner at a friend who I know has a wonderful dull collection, an 'upgrade' is always appreciated. And thanks again for sharing your experience.


Own it. Works well in my tackle box as a lightweight sharpener. I'm sure there's way better products though. I can say my knives only feel slightly sharper than before sharpening, maybe you have to sharpen longer than I've tried. Has a solid grip to it, I don't feel like I'm going to cut myself.


My pockets are sharp enough thank you. I don't know a single person that needs a pocket sharpening.