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If you have a biz.newegg account they are 69 with a free USB 3.0 controller card.


Still not a good deal. 1tb too small. My 2tb was $10 less than this a few years ago.

I would only buy this if you really need a drive, otherwise just wait for a better deal.


@xamindar: Agreed. There are 2TB drives for 30 bucks more.


@xamindar: Yes, your 2TB drive was probably less than this a few years ago. However, a flood happened, and prices still haven't gotten back to where they were. If you wanna wait 'til a 2TB drive is this price again, you're going to be waiting a while.


And watch the warranty on these guys...
I won't ever use >1 TB drives unless they're in a raid stack!


@zapp brannigan: how do you get the free usb 3.0 controller, I don't see it on the newegg business product page for that item.


They took it off the listing now. I ordered two and if I dont get them I'll have to complain.


@xamindar: Not everyone is a harcore porn addict or captain of a pirate ship.

1TB is enough for the average porn addict or pirate powder monkey.

Me? I barely hit 90GB, but I own BD discs and have a wife, so no need to be either.


1TB is plenty for most people. Considering the cheapest I could find this guy a few weeks ago was $90 from Amazon I think this is a great deal!

Besides the more stuff you have the more you will eventually lose when you don't have it backed me, sigh....


link takes me to a power supply unit.

I think this link goes to the drive:


I'm waiting until I can get two 1TB drives for this price, which probably won't be for a long time. Unless I run out of space soon, I won't replace my 2x 500GB RAID with anything higher until then.



Totally agreed. I have a 500gb HDD and a 120gb SSD, and even with many games and full seasons of shows, I still don't run out of space.

And as long as you're not a hoarder and can delete some stuff if needed, 1tb should be fine for anyone...


[RANT]Who are you people? Do the nurses at the home know you're touching the computers again? What, you've never heard the, (incorrect), quote from Bill Gates, "640K main memory should be enough for the foreseeable future."

You don't have a PS3? A media box? You don't even have enough spare parts in the basement to throw together an HTPC? Let me guess, you change your DVD's the old fashioned way, make the kids do it.

By the "you'll never need more than x#ofbytes logic I should still be swapping 5.25" floppies.

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