dealsmonoprice 5.5x4 inches graphic drawing tablet for…


I have been wanting one of these for quite a while. Does anyone know about this one? I am clueless about these.


honestly not a good option...

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Honestly, at this price it isn't bad, but you would do much better with a Wacom tablet. Depends on your needs though. If you have never had a tablet before and are looking to just try them out, this is nearly impossible to beat at this price.


The reviews on monoprice seem to be relatively positive (I do not know if they filter their reviews) and consistent in their few complaints.

The complaints seem to stem from the quality of the (replaceable) pen and the included pen battery, the cable doesn't detach for traveling, one comment about low drawing resolution, and Windows drivers being hard to find if you lose the installation CD. All in all, seems to be a good starter tablet if you don't want to invest in something bigger.