dealsmcafee antivirus plus 2012 for $0.00 + freeā€¦


At least 2012 is not as big of a resource hog as the older versions, but other than that, even free is too high of a price to have to deal with McAfee.


@narfcake: Agreed. I've had it available through my ISP for several years and still choose to pay for Avast over the free version of McAfee.
Avast Home Edition is always free though
If anybody wants Avast's paid subscription, that's on sale right now too

I don't normally post deals or counterlinks, but I'd rather save someone the mistake of even free McAfee


I bought their three user set about 2 years ago and installed them on the family computers. A week later I had to go through the painstaking process of uninstalling them and try to install AVG free. I ended up having to restore the computers to before I installed McAfee since it wouldn't let install a different anti virus program even after uninstalling McAfee. It was a pain I decided I would not go through again. I would recommend pretty much any other anti virus program.