dealscanon rebel t1i digital slr with 18-55mm lens, 15…


Good Deal. I was seriously considering this one until I found a Canon EOS 50D open box at HHGregg for $1000. I couldn't pass that one up.

If you want to stick to Canon (like you already have all the accessories), I would definitely go with this one (if you are looking at the >$1000 price range.)

It uses an SD card instead of the Compact Flash. Advantages: Available for cheap at many, many, many places. Disadvantage: Slower than CF. Most people won't need the increased speed. That is why it is the Pro line Canons still use compact flash.


I checked and unfortunately, Barnes and Noble doesn't have any of the cheap magic lantern manuals for this model in stock. They have the manual, but it is at regular price.


the Canon EOS Rebel T2i is coming out next month with a lot more features. Pass


@freeskierinvt: The T2i kit will be priced at $900 initially, then likely settle around $850. The T1i remains in the lineup, priced at $800 list, $750 street today. The $700 price is a likely settle point in a few months and is a steal now. Tax? Shipping? YMMV - the price here is $697 out the door. You can't find a new T1i on ebay that low - even with Bing cashback.

A lot more features? No so much. The main diffs with the T2i - 18mp vs 15mp, 30fps @ 1080p, SDXC card format compatibility, and a slightly higher battery life (10%). Same processor, same housing as the T1i.

The $100-$150 difference would make an excellent offset to a great lens. For most, the T2i is a marginal improvement -- not the bump that differentiated the T1i from the XSi (Digic IV, HD video).


@jbuccola: "The $100-$150 difference would make an excellent offset to a great lens."

You obviously haven't been looking at Canon's good lenses.
My 70-200 2.8 L with IS is $2000.
The 24-105 f/4 L with IS is around $1300.
24-70 f/2.8 L is also around $1300.
Some of the primes are a little less. Some are more.


@killjoy: I said offset, not purchase.

This is an entry level kit. Folks who are looking at primes are going to be looking at camera bodies, not kits with crappy glass. And unless they have a specific application, those with prime lenses are probably looking at full frame sensors.

Your $2k glass may seem like the world to you, but that's a non-starter for most pros. You're saying the right things to the wrong audience.


ok seriously don't buy this's gonna go down once the t2i is out


Another MAJOR difference between the T1i and the T2i is the complete and utter uselessness of the T1i's video mode because it doesn't have a mic jack. The T2i has a stereo 1/8" jack so you can use your own microphonePr