dealsorigin-- buy one pc download get a second free


Buy 1 game at 50 bucks, get an out dated, very low value game free. Enjoy suckers!!!!!


Origin.. Keeping me away from more games that I want to play everyday.


This deal is somewhat underwhelming, more than a few of these titles regularly end up on sale for $5 on Steam. Even if you don't use Steam I'm fairly confident you could buy any of these titles cheaper elsewhere. As others have noted you will need to sign up for and install Origin to play these games. Origin is honestly unobtrusive just in terms of playing the games without having to jump through any extra DRM hoops, assuming you're fortunate enough to not have it crash every time you launch a game (a problem that doesn't seem terribly uncommon). The big controversy being that Origin's terms of service give EA the right to access far more of your data than many people are comfortable with, and the increasingly popular waiver of your right to join a class action lawsuit clause.


@kingtaco: Good points. I only keep Origin installed because I got a better deal on Warp via a coupon; but must say its never crashed on me.
Maybe cause my comp is new (quad core i7, Windows 7)???
Idk, just sayin'