dealsdc universe™ online for the ps3™


Golly who doesn't want to download 15 gigs just to play a game that is a gigantic flop? Sign me up right away!


It took almost 18 hours to finally get this game downloaded. Then, I played through the first part (tutorial) and haven't picked it back up since.


@skoffer: Are you playing from a 56k modem? Only took me 2 hours to download


@livinonedge: 2 hours?

You must have a pretty high speed cable line, then. 18 hours on a 3Mb DSL connection is about right whenever you only ever average about 2Mb on it.


I can't believe I bought this when it first came out...
I was so excited; then, after the long download and long tutorial..
I couldn't team speak for crap..

So to fix this problem we had to start an xbox party to play as a group on PS3...haven't touched it after the first 5 months it came out.


@skoffer: Ah...DSL....time to upgrade mate =)


@livinonedge: Can't justify "upgrading" when I rarely download large files, and am content with what I have.

The download time would have been worth it if this game was worth a damn.


@skoffer: Can't justify complaining when its free


Also available for the PC FREE at Steam.


I have trouble playing an MMO on the ps3, it is not great but may take getting used to. maybe i will try it on my pc. I like the DC setting but city of heroes (which is also free to play) has much more content and waaay more character customization and powers.


@livinonedge: I wasn't really complaining. Just stating that after the 15GB download, I didn't find enough fun in the first part of this game to want to continue playing it.

There is a reason that they changed the business model for this game. It just doesn't provide enough "uniqueness" from other MMORPGs, to stand out on it's own. The FTP model will work for a while, but I would say this game has less than a year of life left.


From what I've heard, this game is awesome, not for me though and rumor has it that all the people who have downloaded this game for free have brought the servers down since the free download was offered. Not too impressive eh?


No trophies available for the free version... just a heads up for the hunters out there.