dealsmax payne 3: xbox 360 or ps3 for $16.99


This isn't a very good game. It's too linear and filled with cheap deaths, and on top of this it's just depressing. Not depressing like Walking Dead ending, more depressing like "the character I play as is a drunk retarded ignorant tool" depressing. Oh, and your character is depressed.


Personally if you don't have the game and want to buy it I recommend buying it from gamefly. They have it for 15 dollars with free shipping. They normally process it within a few hrs during business hrs and for me takes only a day to get to my house when it is coming from 3 states away. They send it through USPS so i think it gets the same fast shipment speed as renting games. You also don't need to be a renter to purchase games from them. I ordered from game fly twice so far and it always took 2 days to get it. Compared to the 5-7 days they say.


@kev50027: This game was an action packed thrill ride, yeah sure the character has his issues with alcohol, but all great characters have their flaws. And if you play the whole game, you see WHY he is broken like that that, and you watch him climb out of that hole.

Yes its linear, its story driven scripted shooter. And the story is phenominal.


I'm showing $24.26 for PS3?


@grush1: yea this was price match with best buy's deal of the day yesterday... aka your late bro


@joeythearm: eh, the story is okay at best. I played the first game and was hoping to really enjoy this one, but it was very disappointing. You can see the ending coming from the first 30 minutes, and the rest of the game feels dumb because of it. Game play is nothing great either, so I really can't recommend the game.