dealssandisk sansa fuze+ 8 gb mp3 player (black) for…


8 gb and free shipping. I know the reviews mention a hard to navigate screen, but I had no problem figuring it out. Has as much memory as my kids $200 ipod. Best of all it can be expanded w/ sd. You'll want to have some kind of card in the slot or it collects lint.


This was one of the best buys I ever made from this site. I bought a second one in case the first refurb gave it up, but it hasn't been used yet. It is not hard to figure out, and I can reach in my pocket to replay, skip, or delete a song without looking. I think it claimed compatibility with up to 16GB micro SD card, but I'm pretty sure I have a 32GB card in it right now.
Can't recommend this highly enough.
Invest in some nice earbuds and you're set!


OH MAAAN! I just gave up waiting for this and bought a LG tracfone and two 4Gb micro cards. Total price $24.97 :-(


Awesome timing, was just looking for a cheap mp3 player to keep in the car. My old Zune (first Woot purchase I ever made) finally died and this should be a nice replacement.


If you use yours all the time like me,(I listen to books on MP3 from Library).You can buy a set that includes rubber cover for device in case of water and dropping,a POWER CORD which you can not live without. All for $ 7 if I remember correctly.

I use a 16 GB card but don't get any bigger. If you lose it I bet you will be very pissed. That is why I will not buy a 32GB. Really do not get the big deal with Apple. I have a IPod with 8GB and it does nothing better as far as I am concerned. My Clipp can even play podcast.