dealsrealistic halloween groundbreaker arms for $19.00


Walmart is putting out their Christmas items. They're a bit behind the power curve. Costco and Home Depot have had their stuff out for quite awhile. I miss having the holidays in order.


Uncle Zack, dealzombie recognize by your prominent heart line. Suggest manicure before hand out Halloween candy.


i think they need to look up "realistic" in the dictionary


@lavikinga: I agree. I'm waiting for the holiday buying season to lap the actual holiday itself...

Now, to be fair, 30-odd years ago, you would have got the christmas catalogs in August, but that was because you could count on 'six to eight weeks shipping', with no option for rush shipping.. and you had to mail in your order, with a check.

My mother loved catalogs. I think it a great tragedy of our day that she did not live to see shopping on the Internet.


@robinbobcat: True on the catalogs. The Sears Wish Book was in shreds by the time Christmas rolled around. I can understand why craft stores roll out the items ahead of time. Projects take time. It's the wrapping paper, tinsel and ornaments out in September that give me pause.


Does anyone else think this should be listed just under the EBra ad?