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The Werner version of the 22' Extension ladder is only $165 at Home Depot. Is there much of a difference between that and this Little Giant?


This one comes with casters and the work platform.


@sirlouie: After researching some more for my own benefit, the werner seems to be of the same quality. It's made in china if that's a concern. Werner has a work platform and tool platform available on amazon, home depot doesn't seem to carry them. They cost 35-40 bucks a piece.

The werner also seems to be a bit heavier.

165 for the werner is a good deal, however I've found past deals where they go for even less, around 120 bucks.

Can't go wrong with either ladder really


This ladder is the bomb. Bought my 26 foot about 16 years ago. When I was younger I used to use it a lot more than I do now but it's taken a lot more abuse than most other ladders I've owned and, aside from the paint drops all over it, it works the same today as it did when I bought it. I've even dropped it when at full extension a number of times with no visible damage to the ladder.

Costco sells a little giant that is closer to what the Werner unit is like and sells for. It's customer made for Costco and uses a different, lighter alloy. They claim it is just as strong as the standard little ginat they make but I just don't see how this can be true.

The attachments on this ladder are a big plus. They didn't have casters when I bought mine and that seems like it would be a helpful addition. Which is a good segway into the negative of this ladder. The 26 foot, which I have, at full extension is a heavy son of a gun to work with. Highly recommend this ladder.


I've had a 21' Cosco for about 12 years, we use commercially. It's been great. These are not light though. That was a good price for the Little Giant with wheels. But normally I think Little Giant is expensive. You pay a lot more for a few features. I guess if you'll really benefit from them, it might be worth it. But if not, the other brands are very good.


Looks like this was a goldbox and has expired :(

Too bad, I've got one of the 17' one's and love it.