dealstaco bell - nachos supreme for .99 - from aug. 7…


Why would you do this to me? Every time I get Taco Bell I regret it. And swear it off. It's in the past... And I don't need it anymore.

Every time. Looks like that next time will be tomorrow, thank you very much.


As long as I don't have to "like" their facebook page. The last thing I need is people knowing I eat Taco Bell.


@gregorylikescheapstu: It's everyone's dirty little secret. I have too more stories involving Taco Bell than I do sex.


Last time I was in Taco Bell, I looked around and realized every single person there was at least ten years younger than me. I then realized that if every single person in a restaurant is at least ten years younger than you, then your doctor doesn't want you to eat there.

And now I'll be back tomorrow.


this is relevant to my interests


@gregorylikescheaps LMAO! COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER! Although that's how I generally feel about any & all fast food!

It's like banging a really nasty girl, out of pure necessity cuz ur really really really (hungry) horny (& she's the only one open late) and while u know u'll regret it, even as ur doing it: U GO AHEAD AND DO IT ANYWAYS! INSANITY!

Blach! My nephew said his crew would always scratch a butt crack b4 handling the food when a nice car came through outta some perverse "Fight Club" derived pathos & I drive a BMW! Urgh Never ever again I say... that is until the next time. No there will NOT be a next time! This I S-W-E-A-R!!!


@girlbytes: 2 SELF REMEMBER WHAT U JUST SWORE!!! & remember 2 always keep a bag of jerky in the trunk for those emergency tummy grumblings...

2 this day I can't ever order a shake from a drive thru cuz of what he told me his very sick & deranged buddy did err or should I say "deposited" in2 the shake machine one morning and then giggled all day long whenever a shake was ordered! Yikes! I know ur thinking "no way' do people do these kind of things BELIEVE ME they do! ANY food that u don't prepare at home urself is a gamble! Just recently there was a story about a guy arrested for something similar at a grocery store, where a lady took home some extra creamy "greek" yoghurt & noticed it tasted rather sour! It was tested pos 4 DNA! Blach

**Sorry if this made anyone throw up in their mouths! Enjoy ur TB uhm I meant Taco Bell not tuberculosis :)


@girlbytes LOL I too have heard similar tales but try to forget them or else I'd probably starve! No time or inclination to cook.... but that's nasty I def won't be getting the nacho's with sour cream now thanks for reminding me of sad facts better left forgotten!


@girlbytes I used to work at a Papa Johns, where the manager was fired after making the Spinach Alfredo pizza extra creamier.

Then he went to Cici's Pizza... Then he went to Burger King...

I wonder where that gross fat man is now.


Mmmm Nacho Supreme, with 34% real beef meat.


Oh boy... Last time I ate Taco bell I was destroying the toilet 3 hours later.... I will pass.


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@anubis89: You probably should get your IBS checked by a doctor since in 3 hours the food isn't even digested yet. Takes 3 hours to get food out of the stomach then another 2+ hours to get it out of your small intestine.


Mmmmm. 24g of fat. I'm on my way!


Super easy breakfast recipe:
I pick up a couple of nacho supremes at night, let em sit in fridge until morning. Throw it all in a pan and get it reasonably hot. You don't want the torts crispy--they are better soggy. NOW toss in a few eggs and stir it all around. eat


I was really excited to go and get this, until I realized it had 24 grams of fat.


@faughtey: lol I can't remember the last time I saw a deal get wooted this high, this fast :D

Who would have thought Wooters were so sweet on the 'Bell?

It hasn't even seen the midnight rush yet, either. Impressive.


@7speter: Most of us don't eat at Taco Bell because it'll help shave points off of our Weight Watchers :)


@napalmriot: So that means you have two stories?...I saw an opening and had to take it, sorry.


7 layer nachos from taco bell have the same toppings minus the beef at the same price (99 cents) for those who still want nachos after the 27th! :) mmm... Taco bell.