dealsnikon d3100 for $419.99


That's about $80 less than the best price currently out there. Great deal.


@trybble: I thought it was a refurb when I saw the price but it's new. I also have this particular camera and it takes amazing photos.


Has anyone else had issue with dailysteals? I've ordered twice from them, and twice they've gotten my order wrong.


@slightlyslapdash: I've not gotten an order wrong but they have cancelled an order that went through before. It wasn't that big of a deal but if they do it to me again we're going to have a problem.


I don't recall if it was them or another similar site but once I ordered two and they only shipped me one. They corrected it though once I spoke to someone. The only down thing with onesaleaday though is that it takes like FOREVER for them to ship something. I am waiting for the camera I bought from them three weeks ago to arrive today, and I still have to send in the REBATE for it so likely the rebate is passed. One thing to keep in mind though is that I believe onesaleaday has an ebay account. Many times, if its on sale at their site, you can buy it from them on ebay too and get ebay bucks and the so called ebay protection. Just looked though, this one is not on ebay. I'd get this myself but I'm saving up for a higher end one, I already have the similar model canon.


@slightlyslapdash - I bought a George Foreman Grill from them a while back (bit over a year). It was a refurb with the removable grill plates. It can with almost no packaging and was beat to @#$% from everything bouncing around - scratches all over the metal and broken plastic pieces.

It took them over a month, after I emailed them pictures of the damaged grill, to refund my money and send an RMA tag.

I was not pleased with their packaging or customer service.


I hope dailysteals sends my headphones soon... sigh...

Anyway, I posted a similar yet $10 more deal. Its a perma deal, not a fly by night (deal). So this price is not that exotic, it is a bit of a temporary savings but as you see this company has a shoddy reputation to buy a delicate professional grade camera from.

I'm really speaking to the serious buyers who are on the market for professional equipment at a good enough price, with at least factory warranty, from a reputable source whom they can hold liable for short term issues.

I get the dailysteals e-mails. Their prices are of the regular deal caliber. Hardcore bargain hunters know the price points of which I speak.