dealsurge basics ultra slim bluetooth keyboard…


It says free shipping, but charged me $4.99 for standard shipping. Of course, it does not say that until AFTER Paypal authorization. I must admit to being a bit peeved at you @itechdeals for listing this as FREE SHIPPING on this deals.woot post. This will be my only purchase from you if that is your method of doing business. I hope you monitor you placements here.


@morriea: Are you going to contest with paypal? You've got proof here that they are advertising free shipping...


@okham: I sent them a note through their website first. I will see if they respond.


@morriea: We sold many of this keyboard and nobody got charged shipping. If there was an error with your order and you got charged shipping, our customer service team will be more than happy to refund you the shipping or cancel your order whichever you prefer.

Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


@itechdeals: Nobody from your website has responded to my note to you using "contact us".

Here is a copy of the transaction. Do not tell me NOBODY was charged shipping.

Basics Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard - Silver UG-BTKBDSIL 1 $11.99
Subtotal $11.99
Shipping & Handling $4.99
Grand Total $16.98

of course I want the shipping refunded.

...and THANK YOU for responding.


Still no response to me credit request.