dealscamping light - 29 led bright for $2.49


Beware a number of the comments indicate these were dead on arrival.

I bought one of these that looked identical (possibly a private-labeled version) a couple of years ago and it immediately overheated. I opened up and found the current-limiting resistor for the LED's was of too low a wattage rating - hence it fried. Cheap cheap cheap.


Be sure to remove the batteries from these when not in use, otherwise they will corrode. Even if you take out the batteries, the contacts will often rust, requiring a bit of scraping to get the device to work again.

Yep, cheap.


This looks like women's birth control pills.


@mstislavski: I hope birth control pills have a better success rate than these lights! ;)


Thanks but I'll just use a flashlight like everybody else.


@mstislavski: That's what I thought too! The only reason I clicked on it lol.


Men's birth control pills are called 'Vulcan Ears.'